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IVY Hygiene Solutions  

Ivy Hygiene Solutions is a Jordanian company established to provide hygienic consumables and their complimentary products specific to your needs. The products & solutions we offer are varied, competitively priced and of high quality.

Ivy Hygiene Solutions works in the Away-from-Home (AFH) and Retail markets. Within the AFH market, we provide hygienic solutions to the Hotel, Corporate, Hospital, Hospitality and Manufacturing sectors among many other types of businesses. Within the retail markets, we provide products directly to the end user through the largest hypermarkets and up-scale supermarkets in the kingdom.

Ivy Hygiene Solutions has partnered with top manufacturers within Europe and Jordan that have designed or acquired the latest innovative technologies to produce top quality, ecofriendly hygienic consumables. Our manufacturing partner(s) in the paper hygiene sector are Celtex, Duni, Lucart and Temca; in the bathroom hygiene and cleaning supplies sectors are A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnologia, Diversey and Vectair; in the complimentary products category are First Pack, Matrix Pack and Natural Care; in the retail paper hygiene is Renova.

 For more details www.ivyhs.com