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Jordan Chamber of Industry  

Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI) was founded by the Chambers of Industry Law number 10 for the year 2005 as a national entity that embodies under its umbrella the three local chambers of industry in Jordan, located in Amman, Irbid and Zarka. Our mission is to participate in the public policy making and advocating the interests of the industrial and micro enterprises , representing the industrial sector locally and internationally, developing the national industry and increasing its competitiveness and added value through enhancing the technological component in the industry product development , as well as building capacity of industrialists.

The Jordanian industrial sector:

The industrial sector is considered as a major component of the Jordanian economy. It contributes to 25% of the GDP and to 90% of the national exports. It is also considered as the largest employer as it employs 18% of the Jordanian workforce.

The Jordanian industrial sector is composed of the following main sectors:

- Leather and Garments Sector
- Therapeutics and Medical Sector
- Chemical and Cosmetics Sector
- Plastic and Rubber Sector
- Engineering, Electrical Industries and Information Technology Sector
- Furniture and Wooden Sector
- Construction Sector
- Food, Supplies, Agricultural and Livestock Sector
- Printing, Packing, Packaging, Paper, Cartoon and Stationeries Sector
- Mining Sector

 For more details www.jci.org.jo