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Figment POS  

Figment POS is a cloud- based point-of-sale built to cater to the POS needs and requirements of various business types, including, Coffee Shops, Retail stores, Restaurants, Spas and Gyms, Bakeries, Quick Services and many more. The software is designed to streamline the check out and payment process so users can concentrate on satisfying their customers and growing their business.

In addition, Figment offers a complete customization to enable optimum efficiency and flexibility to meet changing business needs. Users have the choice to select from a selection of POS products that are equipped with features and functionalities based on the purpose of their business.

Figment POS is created with a comprehensive set of inventory management capabilities and sales reports tools which helps users track and move their stocks, identify quick- moving products and services, customer demands and trends among others.

For more details www.figmentech.com