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Modern Pyramid  

Modern pyramid for trading and general supplies is a young and business innovative enterprise with diversified lines of specialized products, services and commodities that deliver most cost effective solutions while improving the quality. Modern Pyramid aims to enhance and develop the Jordanian and Middle East market in Manufacturing, Retail and Logistics. As such, our company is dedicated to utilize its international resources and expertise to grow and develop the market. Our aim is to become one of the biggest local companies in Jordan as well as growing into an international company as a mid-term plan.

We are very proud of its all to date accomplishments and remains ready to take bigger responsibilities and business targets for expansion and additional diversification. Furthermore, our company supplies among others; factories, restaurants, hotels, bakeries as well as other food and beverage related companies with a wide range of products such as: dairy raw materials, emulsifiers, natural flavors, baking solutions, specialized kitchen equipment. As such, our network of reliable supply principals and well-established strategic partners help us to address the challenges faced by our customers. Modern pyramid managed to create a very strong global network and powerful partnerships with international companies which allowed us to focus on market needs and requirements.

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