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Roya TV  

Launched on January 1, 2011, Roya TV channel is a private satellite station, established and owned by Al Sayegh Group, that broadcasts from Amman, Jordan.

Roya delivers content that orients around family and youth while adopting a multi-voiced approach that focuses on remote areas in the Kingdom as well.

Roya’s philosophy has been targeting local awareness of human rights as well as further empowerment of both women and youth. Now considered as the top youth station both locally and regionally, Roya stands out in terms of content diversity, consistency, and respect for every ideology.

Since its birth, premiered a new concept in visual media in Jordan. One that integrated means to boost social diversity and development. Roya managed to produce creative and innovative content that sheds light on the intellects of Jordan and the Arab world in general. Roya prides itself for defending democracy, human rights, and women rights as well as youth issues. Roya has always aimed for excellence in visual media through its adopted approach that combines diversity and creativity.

For more details www.roya.tv