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Ajeen is a new concept in fresh food wraps and more inspired from combining the culture and tradition of the typical Arabic Lebanese bakery (furn) with a modern funky twist. Inspired by Middle Eastern street food and translated to a contemporary setting, Ajeen is the latest trend in street food concept. Taking the customer on a journey of the senses and pushing the limits of flavors from the pleasant to the extraordinary, Ajeen was born.

Ajeen is illustrated through its images and patterns, from banana leaves that symbolize one of Jordan’s oldest vegetation, and the black and white pattern of traditional tiles.

Ajeen connects opposites and makes them wrap! The food at Ajeen is fresh, healthy, mouthwatering and affordable. Our freshly baked food items comes straight from our furn, one of the oldest traditional food preparation methods in the Middle East. Our chefs are up with the sunrise and begin each day with a bright smile and a positive spirit looking forward to making every mouthful memorable.

For more details www.ajeenwraps.com