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Richmond Mattresses was established in Jordan under the name of Atlas Furniture Manufacturing, Ltd. in 1993. The production and marketing of the mattresses started in Jordan and neighbouring countries after providing the company with the latest machinery and equipments used worldwide.

Richmond uses the best materials and top technology in the field which sets us apart from other competitors in the region. We have established a special system that provides support for the spinal cord and helps maintain a normal position for the body during sleep. Today we’ve taken support to a new level by creating mattresses that not only support your back, but support the way you live. And we’re here to help always.

Richmond mattresses are crafted with a passion for quality using only the finest materials to enhance the quality of your sleep. It’s the tradition of Richmond, and the value of sleep that equals the perfect dreamy night’s sleep. The perfection of our mattresses completes a fresh, all - natural sleep environment, to help create your own personal sleep sanctuary.

Richmond offers the best mattresses for your lifestyle; our value provides beauty sleep with our top mattresses to help the world sleep better. Our brand has become synonymous with quality, durability and state - of - the - art mattress technologies and we’re still leading the way.

For more details www.richmond.jo