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Al Zawrae Industrial Company

In 2010, after more than a decade of manufacturing, selling and distributing the finest cigarettes in the Middle East, Alzawrae Company extended its portfolio to the manufacturing of distinctive and innovative tobacco molasses, through its unique brand Mazaya.

Mazaya’s equity grew very fast in the Middle East as well as worldwide, and it is now one of the most renowned brands in the Molasses industry.

Mazaya’s success story was based on a clear differentiation from its competitive set, by launching unique and innovative flavors that have now Become a reference for the brand.

Mazaya was able to target and gain a new set of consumers and meet specific Tastes and needs. Moreover, its sustained focus on quality and best French tobacco standards were instrumental to build loyalty among its customer and Consumer base. Mazaya uses the best manufacturing technologies across its manufacturing plants; it is proud of its quality control standards and continuously invests in research and development of new flavors and products to remain abreast with the latest consumers taste.

Today, Mazaya is available in more than 70 countries globally and continues to satisfy, delight and inspire thousands of consumers around the world!.

For more details www.mazayamolasses.com