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Kasih Food Production Company



Kasih Food Production Company is the leading Jordanian manufacturer of Mediterranean food. With over 90 years of experience in food manufacturing and as a third generation, Kasih Food Company is a pinnacle in Mediterranean food innovation, using the newest technologies and the finest raw materials to create authentic and nutritious products. It has a wide clientele ranging from consumers and delis to caterers and food distributors on an international level.

Kasih Food Production Co. offers an array of food Product Ranges found in retail channels across the region. The products Ranges include:
• Hummus Range: 1- Hummus Tahini 2- Hummus Zatar 3- Hummus Red chili
• Foul Range: 1- Fava Beans 2- Broad Beans 3- Broad beans with red chili
• Liquid Jameed
• Chickpeas
• Tomato Paste
• New Products Range: 1- Mushroom 2- Lupin 3- Hoseh 4-Black Olives 5- Sweet Corn


For more details www.kasihfood.com