Exhibitors list

Hotpack Packaging Industries L.L.C. is a global company manufacturing disposable food packaging products following the highest quality standards. Headquartered in Dubai, the group has branches all over the Middle East, UK, USA, Australia, and many regions of Africa. Our products are currently exported to over 100 countries.

A manufacturing company with 27 years of experience, Hotpack products are widely recognized all over the world for their quality standards. We possess all major quality accreditations, that of ISO, BRCGS, USFDA, Sedex, FSC, PEFC, and ESMA certifications that form the hallmark of our quality standards.

With a product range of more than 3500 products, 27 branches, 13 factory locations, over 25,000 dedicated customers worldwide and a staff strength of over 3500 employees, we possess some of the world’s best state of the art machinery, be it extrusion, thermoforming, injection molding, Tissue manufacturing, cup forming, die-cut box making and multi-layer laminations with 8 color printing. You will be happy to note that 80% of our 3500 odd products are manufactured in our own factory.

For more information, email export@hotpackglobal.com