Exhibitors list
Kaylani Food Center

Kaylani Food Center is an importer and distributor of frozen, chilled and dry foodstuffs from around the world, offering their products to the HORECA and Retail Sectors of Jordan. We offer a wide range of the Highest Quality of foodstuffs ranging from Meats – Beef, Veal, Lamb to Poultry - Turkey, Duck, Chicken, to Dairy - Cheese, UHT Creams, Milk and a whole range of various other foodstuffs, such as Pasta, Balsamic Vinegar, Vine Leaves, and many, many more items, plus a range of Pastry / Bakery raw materials from flour, cake, muffin, and brownies mixes, to real chocolate, toppings and their range. We also provide added value products and services through our subsidiary outlets: The Meat Master Gourmet Store, Cheese & More Gourmet Store and Modern Kitchen..

For more details www.kaylanifc.com